Buying New Hardware or Migrating To Cloud

Published On 08/20/2019 2:30 PM by Ilyas Ahmed Nur

It is in fact an obvious situation that the server gets old and it won’t be able to handle the increased number of users. Software requires essential updating and hence the storage and network competence as well. But every time, the same old method won’t fetch good results, especially when you are running on an old infrastructure. The better options thus available will be either to upgrade your hardware or migrate to another solution. The cloud has always proved effective in tackling such situations. Cloud makes sure that upgrading is done in a cost effective way, but there have been such instances also, where escalating the capacity of the hardware worked well for the organization.

Which Is Economical, Cloud or Hardware?

There are occasions when turning towards hardware fetches more good than cloud for the organization. The smaller organizations which are happy right now with their present applications might not give good results turning towards cloud, with an idea of making immediate profit. Cloud solutions are meant to be economical in nature, but sometimes it might turn out to be more expensive as well. If the company has only a few applications running on a few servers, provided there is no legal contract signed with another IT company or IT manager, switching on to cloud might obscure the scenario. It is also not wise to completely ignore the cloud situations, but one should understand the needs, analyse the applications and chose an appropriate solution.

When should one migrate to cloud?

The major problem faced these days is that on one hand the on-site servers and hardware are costly and on the other hand, it just goes off without any alternative. Cloud is economical and also provides the essential flexibility, even for the small organizations as well. By migrating to cloud, one can access the data in a much comfortable way and allow remote access via Smartphone and tablets as well, which indeed is perfect for people who do a lot of travelling as part of their field work. Security is another major factor to move towards cloud, when compared to hardware. It is always better to rethink over the decision of buying a new hardware replacing the old one. Cloud solutions can also be a part of your thinking process before you arrive at a final choice.