Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

We at IPS, provide financial support to all the business owners and help them to run their business smoothly. At present, we provide our services across XX business locations. Our team members are self-motivated and they are driven to assist every size of businesses to prosper.

We give prominence to the ethical treatment of stakeholders by sufficing their needs and by providing them a protective environment. We believe in the fact that ‘happy workers are more productive’, so we provide an affable and conducive ambiance to all our stakeholders.

Over the years, we have embraced corporate citizenship by supporting a diverse workforce. This not just helps to abide by the commitment made to the stakeholders but there are several other benefits of corporate citizenship such as better employee relationship that can be achieved by boosting the company morale, increased participation, enhanced productivity and curbing attrition.

We also adopt an ethical behavioral approach with our customers whereby preference is given to their requirements, needs, and feedback. Constant surveys of the consumers are organized to track customers’ opinion and the level of satisfaction for our services. It also helps us to provide better and more customer-centric services.

With social responsibilities being the epicenter of the corporate citizenship ideology, the companies’ role becomes prominent with the rise in demand and growth within the organization. The epicenter of the corporate citizenship and the activities being carried out under the phenomenon is the influence of the leader in the organization. These influences are reflected in the outcomes and exemplify the agenda of the company. Social responsibility is an integral part of the corporation and more emphasis is given to be a good citizen and making the world a much better place.

Diversity & Inclusion

In a workforce, diverse individuals meet and work together. We are a staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion. We create an affirmative environment for all our team members where they can be what they are and work comfortably. Different events, resource groups, and programs are organized by us that further facilitate the development of our team members and give them the opportunity to meet and form a huge network.

In the digitalized era, where corporations operate through a set of network teams, diversity and inclusion bind the employees together. Diversity and inclusion have been identified as two prominent fundamentals for strategizing the road map for enhancing employee engagement, improving brand image and work efficiency.

We understand that diversity includes various parameters including education, age, culture, attitude, ethnicity, personality, gender and myriads of other factors. Thus it is imperative to build a diverse team and to create a conducive ambiance where everyone is respected and treated equally.

Our company constantly works towards addressing global cultural diversity and supports various family models within the workplace. The impact of diversity and inclusion is widening. It has a great influence on the brand’s performance and corporate purpose. We motivate our employees to express their views strongly. We are driven to provide complete transparency in the workplace as demanded by the employees. Every day, diverse teams are assembled and every individual gets enough respect and time to express oneself. This infuses innovation and creativity in teams, along with keeping them engaged.

We strive to chalk out a plan that is based on building structural changes, data-driven solutions and making employees understand how to make unbiased decisions which directly impact business output. In addition to training, we are also contemplating the use of experimental learning and other data-driven tools.


We strive to create cordial relationships with several non-profit organizations and help them in their endeavors. We believe that companies that are involved in social activities make up ideal workplace for employees. This, in turn, boosts work efficiency and directly impacts the business output.

It also helps in building a strong connection between employees and their work that enhances productivity and keeps the employees engaged. Corporate philanthropy is much more than donating to non-profits. The involvement of the community is slowly becoming the core of the company’s work culture. Aside from making donations to the communities, IPS are also investing in its teams for enhancing their skills and attaching them to virtuous endeavors that reverberate with our work. Nurturing such connections can benefit our employees and generate good vibes, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the company.

We give donations to such projects that support the environmental and social cause. We strive to bring a social change in the causes we firmly believe in. Apart from providing financial support to such organizations, we also invest our time and knowledge. For us, Philanthropy is more about giving back to the company’s communities through monetary support, time, expertise and even other goods such as textbooks, medicine, computers, and food. The donations to the charities are usually done directly by company’s cash, assets or even through fundraising.

Social & Civic Responsibilities

IPS seeks new opportunities with agility to widen diversity while building opportunities for shared values and social responsibilities within the company’s communities. Our employees support causes that they can relate to. We enter into partnerships, seek sponsorships and encourage volunteerism with the external organizations. The associates and owners collectively submit project proposals that highlight creativity and innovative use of IPS’ expertise and products to make it stand out in the community.

Another way to build a strong connection with our communities is by identifying and addressing their local needs. This is achieved by expanding outside company’s conventional business scope. Different activities are conducted throughout the year, wherein owner and associates participate together. The internal teams chalk out a strategic plan to reach the local communities to engage with civic organizations, youth groups, and schools in order to widen the spectrum of the project.

The social and civic responsibility holds a great deal of significance in the 21st century and IPS has weaved its work plan in tandem with the changing times. Civic responsibilities involve an active participation in the community. The focal point of civic responsibility is being active in the company’s communities and learning about political issues that eventually makes our employees more social and civically responsible.

We at IPS offer corporate giving programs to keep our employees engaged and retain valuable and hardworking staff. This makes our organization an ideal workplace for job seekers as we promise to provide a work-friendly environment to them. Not just employees, our investors also feel pride in collaborating with our firm. They are well informed of how & where their funds are being invested. IPS not only emphasizes on a strong business plan but we are also aware of our corporate social responsibility. By motivating the employees to invest time in communities, we demonstrate our investors that we don’t just care about profits. Our care for our employees is not just limited to the working hours at the office, but we make conscious efforts to care about them even outside the walls of our businesses. This stimulates personal, professional growth and creativity among employees.

Supplier Diversity & Responsible Sourcing

IPS’ culture of inclusion is not just confined to its social responsibilities, communities or employees, but it also extends to our suppliers that support us professionally. At IPS, we are dependent on the diverse owner-associates for delivering top-notch technology solutions to our clients. Just like that, we have developed a diverse network of suppliers for our goods and services. IPS has pledged to partner with certified high-quality suppliers who help us live up to our commitment to maintaining high standards.


At IPS, we strive to build a healthy, stimulating and safe working environment for our owner-associates. This fosters sustainability and amplifies positive impact as well as shared value. At the same time, it helps reduce the negative impact on the society. We at IPS have identified enterprise-wide requirements and have designed a compliance training that addresses each subject related to payments, transactions, compliance, and responsibility. In a bid to achieve our goal, we have deployed a network of compliance officers, who are well-trained and adept at adhering to the requirements. As a part of the industry and to accomplish our goals to widen our reach internationally, we are at the fore of the collective fight against corruption.

One of the other ways to help owner-associates and their families during adverse situations is by forming an Employee Hardship Fund which is financially aided by owner-associate and Company donations. Corporate sustainability is essentially an evolving corporate management paradigm that emphasizes corporate growth and profitability. It also aims at accomplishing societal goals that include sustainable development, environmental protection, economic development, etc.