ATM & Network Solutions

In this rapidly advancing digital world almost everyone is a cardholder, and they solely rely on automated teller machines (ATMs), expecting them to be available for transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. The moment any of the ATMs go down or fail to provide the required services that cardholders expect, then it directly affects your business outcomes. The only way to keep your business growing and your customers happy is by keeping your ATM networks up to date and running all the time. So, at IPS we are here to take care of your ATM and Networking Solutions needs, so that you can ensure 100% cardholder retention and satisfaction.

We are the best in industry class

We at IPS provide industry leading and best in class ATM and network solutions that would flawlessly meet your customers’ needs by optimizing reliability and performance while helping to reduce the overall cost and operational complexity.

Our Outstanding Solutions

IPS has vast experience in providing proven ATM & Network Solutions to numerous financial institutions. We offer overall management and operations based support focused specifically for the management of your entire ATM network. Our solutions also take care of your basic transactions requirements like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, so that we can help provide more amenities for your cardholders.

Benefits that we provide

IPS uses up to date technology and resources with unmatched creativity and industry expertise focused precisely for the management of your ATM & Network solutions. We have a well-managed team of technical experts who can analyze the technical options you need to consider, including, device type and hardware requirements, communications technologies, screen dynamics and the effect of recent product offerings.

Why IPS?

Our solutions also support ATM marketing campaigns while providing you a complete surcharging flexibility. We are different from our competitors because we are the one who provides you flawless ATM access to your institution via telecommunications options that meet your customized needs including: ATM service components, device driving, transaction authorization, advanced monitoring, network switching, network gateway access, settlement & first-line vendor and dispatch.

“Experience our solutions and strengthen your cardholder’s relationship by increasing the ease of service accessibility”