Business Referral Services

Every organization in this world wants their business to grow and the best way to do this is through business referrals. Also, the best source to start a new business is through referrals from happy clients or customers.

We provide what you decide

Any lead that has been sent your way with a strong referral is the most fool proof way to go ahead in growing your business. You cannot have a more motivated prospect or receive a better lead than the one sent there by a raving fan of yours. But here the challenge is how do you get your satisfied customers to actively promote you to their social and professional networks?

Here are the ways in which we work to help you get more and better business referrals:

We provide solutions to make you constantly ask for legitimate referrals

It’s a common practice for most of the businesses as they forget to ask for referrals or get confused when to ask. According to our research the best time to do so is in the midst of delivering exceptional service, and regularly thereafter.

We provide tailor made solutions for every organization so that you can be rest assures that you would get the solution that would fit the needs of your organization so that your clients would be happy to refer you. Also let us know if they are uncomfortable doing so, we are always happy to help (Explore why, too: There may be some lingering dissatisfaction that they are keeping from you.)

Acknowledging your referrals, and we do it often!

At IPS our mantra of successful business referrals is reward the referrer with continual gestures of thanks and recognition. Often many businesses keep the recognition process limited to a verbal “thank you” and a formal handshake. But we have taken our business referrals services far towards providing optimum and genuine client satisfaction, so that the referrals come automatically from their side. Keeping it simple, inexpensive and relevant to the number and size and of business referrals is our forte, and we do it flawlessly.

“Generating business referrals is not rocket science, but it needs sheer dedication and diligence, and we believe we have it”