Commercial Payments

At IPS, our global experience across the full payments value chain gives us unique insights into the marketplace, allowing us to develop the most innovative and comprehensive solutions that financial institutions need to attract and retain customers and stay ahead of the competition. IPS Commercial Payments solutions are no exception. Financial institutions are aggressively pursuing new ways to acquire and retain key customers, while cutting costs wherever possible. As more companies integrate payments into their procure-to-pay strategies, FI’s view their commercial payments offering as an effective way to influence how current and prospective customers choose to bank. IPS offers a dynamic Commercial Payments suite that not only meets your customers’ needs but can also help you achieve your acquisition and retention goals as well. From commercial card processing and card management to payment electronification and cash management, you will benefit from increased cost savings, greater overall operational efficiencies, improved risk plus increased speed to market.

The right payments solution could mean many different things to your business: streamlined cash flow, dependable trust management, effective hedges against interest rate moves and international risks. We help you collect funds faster, reduce fraud, optimize payables, process and improve your bottom line through effective funds management.

Designed to help your enterprise business meet its goals for growth, efficiency, and risk mitigation, Commercial and Payments is a set of integrated solutions that includes treasury management, international trade, foreign exchange, merchant services, commercial cards, and institutional asset services.

By leveraging the full financial and technological resources of KeyBank, we will help maximize your company’s liquidity, providing the flexibility you need to adapt to changing economic conditions at home and abroad.

Comprehensive Payment Services

Manage electronic and check payments through a variety of solutions including commercial credit processing, remittance, biller payment solution, electronic check capture, and associated software applications.

Remain Competitive

Stay ahead of the competition by offering your customers the most advanced end-to-end commercial payment solutions designed to help them operate more efficiently and realize greater ROI.

Attract and Retain Customer

Maximize client acquisition and retention by offering your customers a complete solution for their commercial payment needs from a single source provider.

Control your Costs

Manage overall costs through greater program control, increased operational efficiencies and reduced overhead costs.