Consumer Experience Management

Our expertise engages your customers with a word of an efficiency, accuracy, and respect. We offer technical innovation, and worldwide resources that transform your support services into an exceptional customer experience.

Customer Care Organization

IPS's Customer Care Organization (CCO) briefly communicates with your customers through our call center network — addressing their specific needs coming to the conclusion efficiently and quickly. But our responsibilities don’t end with problem solving:

Innovation — our investment in state-of-the-art technology provides you with call center automation, efficiencies, and analytic insights that help drive customer satisfaction.

Flexible — we help reduce your operational expenses through the right blend of real-time customer engagement and self-service options

Back Office Services

IPS' Back Office Services is more than an extension of your business. Our administrative support professionals put your customers first, while helping you to improve your customer service delivery.

Coverage — our inbound and outbound solutions support the unique customer needs of multiple industries — including healthcare, retail, and financial services.

Added Value Services — we help you engage your customers with timely, real-time dispute status communications. Our extended dispute services also include pre-arbitration and arbitration, as defined by card association rules.

Interactive Voice Response

Some of your customers prefer self-service for their routine support needs. IPS's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions let your customers chose the type of help they want.

Customization- We work on designing our IVR services to provide a personalized support experience. We also work with you to customize your customers' interface based on their historical behavior. While at the time of call, your customers can transfer from our IVR automated system to a live operator in no time.

Security- in Security platform, data protection and fraud are top concerns for both existing parties. IPS technology innovations help secure your business through identity validation and authentication. Advanced voice biometrics, ANI spoof detection and geolocation solutions also are part of our arsenal.

2Way-ConnectSM — this notifies your customers with timely alerts to manage their accounts better. IPS's 2Way Connect solution provides genuine information through individual or multiple contact channels.