Digital and Mobile Banking Solution

Mobile banking has quickly become a word of trust for the bankers as well as the customers. In today's time, mobile banking became a banking channel for financial institutions. With smartphones and tablets being introduced by the nation with increased features and functionality, it has become easy to see why mobile banking has become a preferred way for majority of consumers to manage their accounts according to their comforts. The banking channels offer access through a combination of apps, mobile web and text banking modes. As we can hear a loud shout of an emerging channel like mobile banking, users expect an absolute solution with innovative and multiple methods to access account information with ease.

IPS provides a compliant and secure mobile banking solution that configures multi-mode account access.

The maintenance cost which has been requiring executing for the development of proprietary or custom mobile banking solutions increases dramatically as the range of solutions expands and the complexity of individual services deepens.

Retail Online Banking

IPS designed our Online Banking solutions to meet the changing ways your customers or members manage their money. Now you can offer the trending online technology to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Banking

IPS Mobile ManagerSM mBanking offers a reliable and affordable way to provide your customers with an absolute mobile banking solution.

Commercial Online Banking

We at IPS enable you to offer a robust online business banking solution critical to your success. You'll also find enhanced functionality to meet the growing needs of business owners who prefer online banking to branch locations.

Consumer Preferences

Consumers are more engaged than ever with finances. This solution helps you to let them decide exactly what information they require regarding their existing accounts. IPS solution provides financial alerts and notifies the consumer that can help increase financial customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relations.

PayPoint® Payment Gateway Solutions

Prior to choosing any of the payment gateways, the consumer expects convenience. Paypoint Payment Gateway is a wide enterprise solution that manages the payments processing through multiple channels. It also helps to simplify payment processing, transaction tracking, reporting and exception processing all through one integrated reliable payment portal.

"We aim at making mobile banking a less operative system for our customers."