Loans Processing Solutions

IPS helps you to refine your loan portfolio with services to manage to protect your business in safer hands. The platform to effectively manage all your credit and loan processing needs. We provide the simple experience for you and your customer in minimum operations.

Support for Multiple Loan Types

IPS blindly supports the consumer loans processing-from application approval to processing, to consumer service support. End-to-end processing capabilities for unsecured lending, lines of credit, HELOC’s to private student loans – we simplify the process to provide a quick loan experience for your customers.

Seamless Integration

A single system of records offers you integrated support across key account- financial accounting services, customer marketing, risk management and back-office channels.

Mitigate Your Risk

Our fraud and credit management tools help you to minimize the chances of your risk. Credit health enables you to better encrypt and personalize marketing offers, messages, and overall servicing management.

PayPoint® Payment Gateway Solutions

Your customers expect choice and convenience – choosing how, when and where they want to pay their bills. PayPoint Payment Gateway is an enterprise-wide solution that manages your loans payment processing across multiple payment channels. Our single gateway solution consolidates and streamlines your loans payment processing.

IPS magnificently offers end-to-end processing capabilities, and real-time payment functionality. For more information about IPS Loans Processing

Solutions, please contact your Account Executive

One platform helps drive your credit and loans processing needs:

  • Cost and operational efficiencies
  • Unified investment focus
  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Consolidated risk and fraud
  • 360 degree view of the client
  • Common reporting
  • Loyalty

One platform supports multiple loan types:

  • Consumer Unsecured Lending
    • Personal loans
    • Debit consolidation loans
    • Healthcare financing
  • Lines of Credit
    • Standard and overdraft LOC with / without card access
    • HELOC with card access
  • Retail Lending
    • POS loans
    • Interest-free / teaser rate financing
  • Card-Attached Lending
    • Revolving and installment under one account
    • Revolving-to-installment conversions
  • Student Lending
    • Private student loans