Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

At IPS we provide efficient customized B2B solutions to manage loyalty and incentive programs. We monitor and take care of development and production to fulfilment and measurement to complete your prepaid card program. If you are looking forward to generate maximum customer loyalty or establish an employee recognition program, prepaid card solutions can help improve your business performance in a very less period of time. We at IPS offer an absolute transparency and flexibility and mission to deliver measurable results.

Effectively Increase Cardholder Acquisition

Personalized offers help enhance your brand and attract new customers. Help your customers save time and money with high-value offers from well-known retail partners.

Combine Rewards from Multiple Areas of Your Institution

Build stronger customer relationships and retention by providing them the option to combine reward accounts or gift points.

Targeted Merchant-Funded Rewards

Accelerate earning opportunities with a merchant-funded loyalty solution with rewards primarily funded by the merchant.

Flexible Reward Options

Offer your customers points, cash rebates, or choose from an online rewards catalog featuring over 6 million program choices.

Easy Implementation and Low Maintenance

Tools available to kick off your loyalty program through customer direct mail, email, in-store or web communications. Manage your program ongoing basis with a comprehensive rewards calculator and management engine.

Benefits and Features

  • Ease of use through online permission based administrative tools
  • Tailored design enabling co-branding or client-defined customization
  • Expansive reward portfolio with choices tailored for your program participants
  • Real-time reporting & tracking
  • Online rewards catalog and redemption & reward fulfillment services
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Personalized incentive solution
  • Lower program management costs

Loyalty & Reward Solutions from IPS offer expertise and new ways of thinking for you to improve the profitability of your card products. Loyalty & Reward Solutions from IPS include programs that encourage and reward cardholder spending behaviors. Our services included CardVisionSM, and UChoose Rewards®. These solutions help you improve the profitability of your products and get results.

CardVision Key Benefits

  • Profitability and enhanced cardholder loyalty
  • Proven process to grow your card portfolio
  • Industry insight into best practices, regulations, trends and technology
  • Expert collaboration
  • Campaign execution from strategy through fulfillment to measurement and reporting
  • Access to scorecards, peer comparisons, key data and charts

UChoose Rewards Key Benefits

  • Enhanced cardholder loyalty
  • Increased interchange revenue
  • Increased activation and spend
  • Rewards program customization
  • Increased brand recognition

"We target the right customer at the right time with relevant customer communication over Loyalty and Rewards."