Payzone Payment Gateway

IPS' online payzone payment gateway delivers a safe and secure way of making online payments. We offer the foremost gateway integration where the customer can choose and make an easy transaction in no time:

API Integration

Direct/API processing engages visitors to keep their customers on their site throughout the entire checkout process. This processing makes the customer a smooth experience over making the payment on the website. For this particular method, the API exposes the full functionality of the payment system.

Requirements: The API integration method compulsorily requires the merchant's system to be able to serve out HTTPS pages, which will likely require them to have an SSL certificate.

Difficulty: Easy. This method is believed to be the easiest method to execute, as well as a method giving you friendly control of the transaction process.

Hosted Integration

While using hosted integration, when the customer visits the website to make payment, they are automatically redirected to our secure payment domain form to complete their order and redirected back to the website in no time. The customer can also outsource the payment process of your site with the help of this integration.

Requirements: If you own a shopping cart that is unable to support the API integration method, this method is the choice you have in the pipeline.

Difficulty: Intermediate. This integration uses the user's browser as a data relay, which means there are some additional steps required to securely transmit the data to/from the payment gateway.

Transparent Redirect

The transparent redirect method benefits to sticking the customers on their own system the time when customers are close enough to click pay menu. The card details directly get posted to the payment system.

Requirements: This method requires the merchant’s system to be able to serve out HTTPS pages, which will require them to have an SSL certificate.

Difficulty: Hard. Because this integration uses the users browser as a data relay, there are extra steps which are required to ensure that data is transmitted to and from the payment gateway, as well as handling the response.

"You will experience the easy operation at our Payzone Payment Getaway"