Education Solutions

Education is the key to a better and secure future which is why we at IPS see that students as well as educational institutions benefit in a successful and profitable way from our innovative and one-of-a-kind education solutions. Our special and inventive answers help you expend financial aid funds in an electronically safe manner. In addition to this, we also play a major role in offering students a more convenient option to a traditional bank account as we offer an array of advantages that are associated with electronic refunds.

This way, we make it a point to make sure that our pioneering global education payment solutions are among the best in the education industry. Our professionals are dependable, efficient and trustworthy, so you can be certain and assured that you get the best customer service and attention that caters to all your payment requirements perfectly.

The Pros of Engaging with IPS for Education Solutions

Amidst rising complexities and problems in financial aid across the education sector, IPS makes certain that the payment solutions for the education industry are simple, fast and helpful. Depending on your organization’s needs, we work to customize your features. As a result, students can utilize multiple forms of payment options, set up recurring billing and gain access to digital subscriptions. Our professionals at IPS see that:

  • We minimize and do away with the expenses that are associated with paper checks.
  • We find ways and means to enhance control and security.
  • We disburse financial aids electronically and head towards total electronic pay.
  • We make it a point to ensure that students receive rapid access to funds and prompt disbursement.
  • All the accounts are FDIC-insured and come with MasterCard or Visa branded individual accounts.
  • You can pay bills and gain access to funds through money network checks that can be cashed.
  • Students gain a wide variety of alternatives when it comes to loading funds from other sources. This includes tax refunds, cash, paying from an off-campus employer and account transfers.

IPS ensures that higher education is no more a problem from the perspective of payment alternatives. We provide educational payment solutions that help students and educational institutions in a desirable way. This, in turn, helps students immensely since it doesn’t involve checks getting lost in the mail or waiting in never-ending lines. All in all, it means faster entry to their funds.