Healthcare Providers & Payer Solutions

The state of the healthcare scenario is constantly evolving and as it does so, it is slowly but steadily creating a shift in the process of payments for both healthcare providers and payers. Those who provide treatments have to tackle increasingly altering reimbursement models and increased patient payment modes since it usually means enhancing cash collections. In contrast to this, the people who require healthcare struggle to reduce administrative costs and find a way that enhances electronic payment alternatives. Owing to these reasons, both providers and payers need an increased efficiency in print communications, payment management and processes.

IPS ensures that healthcare solutions are provided in such a manner that the integrated payment options for dentists, doctors, healthcare providers, revenue cycle management companies, benefits administrators, physicians and health insurers are stress-free and extremely effortless.

Benefits provided by IPS for Healthcare Providers and Payer Solutions

Our experts at IPS efficiently administer and control cash flow. In addition to this, we also safeguard financial data of consumers by offering fraud protection and top-of-the-line encryption and online security. This helps providers accept and process a wide variety of payment options. This includes PIN, signature debit, check, major credit cards as well as health benefit cards. Getting in touch with IPS puts you in contact with a variety of benefits. For instance, it ensures:

  • High end and superior in quality multi-layered security alternatives. This assists in safeguarding payment information of members, consumers and patients.
  • An all-encompassing set of superior and easy-to-use mobile and online payment solutions. This provides and assures the best flexibility for receivables and payables.
  • You get healthcare benefit card solutions that assist in restructuring payments, wellness incentives, healthcare IDs and other employment benefit programs.
  • You improve and enhance collection of healthcare consumer payments by offering consumer-friendly payment alternatives.
  • You streamline printed and electronic payments for payers. This enhances the procedure of payment transactions.

Our professionals at IPS are diligent, hardworking and responsible in their endeavors. This ensures you get the best and most high quality assistance in all your healthcare provider and payer solutions. We work towards optimizing payment management while minimizing overheads and resources. This also gives payers and providers a chance to make decisions that are clinically appropriate. You can rest assured knowing that the payment solutions we provide are simple, secure and effortless. This ensures the entire procedure of processing payments is conducted in a stress-free and seamless manner.