Utility and other Corporate Billers

IPS provides one-of-a-kind, recurring and unique payment options. This helps you control and deal with the complications, intricacies and costs of offering a multitude of payment channels and bills in an easy way. In other words, the professionals at IPS see that the processes and procedures that go into the presentation of any kind of bill, invoice or statement are conducted and carried out in a proficient and effective manner.

We provide streamlined, one-time and frequent bill payment alternatives in the industry. Many of the enterprises that have partnered with us have mastered the knack of keeping their expenses down and reducing the complications and intricacies that are linked to multiple payment channels and bills. Collaborating with us ensures you can take advantage of the best, latest and most superior payment services and facilities while at the same time keep your processes running in a effortlessly manner.

The Advantages of Joining Forces with IPS

IPS offers payment solutions that can help enhance operational efficiency while simultaneously minimize costs and enhance funds availability. Making use of our payment solutions for your utility and corporate billers ensures your payment system becomes better and smoother, and enhances customer handling. In addition to this:

  • In case of address change keying, value added keying and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) enrollment, our professionals provide business process outsourcing to ease your burden and minimize resource utilization.
  • Your account’s sensitive information is secured and stored in a meticulous way with state-of-the-art security and encryption.
  • We offer a web-based portal that provides comprehensive customer service, back office reconciliation tools and customized receivables handling to allow personnel to enjoy a single dashboard advantage.
  • Our professionals provide a single payment gateway that effortlessly caters to a wide variety of online payment alternatives. This also includes CSR, IVR and in-person payments.
  • We see that the availability of funds is enhanced while also ensure that costs are minimized.

At IPS, our professionals are hardworking and diligent in the services offered. This ensures that your utility and corporate billers are processed in a timely and effective style. We work to enhance conversion to electronic processing, consolidate online bill payment processing and maximize effortless administration through the help of a single source. We are passionate about helping your business function in a profitable way. This is why we see that we provide you with the most functional and superior services. Our corporate and utility billing processes are carried out in a rapid, secure and efficient manner.