Acquiring and digital wallets

The payments business is always dynamic. Check out the most recent news on our products and services to see how we're setting the pace during this fast-moving market.

Authorization & Capture

We process transactions and maintain the integrity of your information with the foremost trusted platform in the industry.

Our authorization and capture platform are one of India’s most-trusted solutions. It features pioneering technology, versatile connectivity, straightforward boarding, and unexcelled reliability.

We help stop fraudulent transaction attempts for countless merchants with:

1. Proactive observance with multiple levels of redundancy throughout the system

2. Host-capture solutions to enrich our secure point of sale (POS) solutions and supply added security for credit and debit card information at the point of sale

3. Multi-factor user authentication to safeguard clients and merchants from unauthorized access to terminals and merchant data.


We offer versatile connectivity choices to fulfil the requirements of merchants, both small and large.

Ways to connect include:

Boarding Merchants

IPS helps you board new merchants quickly by providing:

Minimal disruption to their business

Value-added resellers

Class A and class B+ certified terminals and applications

Vertical market application support through our authorization and capture platform

The continued operation of their existing POS hardware while they are boarding the TSYS platform

24X7 client support and terminal training

Robust reporting

Data is crucial for achievement in today's market. we empower our clients with:

Real-time and historical data, custom reports and client-directed alerts to help with risk management

Timely, internet-based transaction analysis and reporting capabilities to assist manage and optimize merchant activity

Access to a wealth of real-time and historical transaction information through an intuitive, web-based browser interface

Mobile Wallet

A client can utilize all of their stored information just by opening an app on their phone, entering a PIN, password or fingerprint so selecting the information they need to access. The app then utilizes data transfer technology like Near-Field Communications (NFC) to interact with a mobile wallet ready payment terminal.

IPS’ suite of terminal solutions is ready for businesses to accept mobile wallet transactions as well as traditional credit cards. In addition, alternative new technologies, together with the EMV security chip and contactless credit card transactions, are supported. With our straightforward system, your business will be able to help customers pay quickly and with efficiency, no matter what payment technique they opt for.