Credit Card Terminals & POS Solutions

No matter your industry or business, IPS has the point-of-sale equipment which will make credit card payment process a seamless part of your sales and operations. Whether you need wireless, mobile or web-based credit card terminals or accept chip cards, every solution includes a range of reports and you will receive access to our web-based merchant account financial management tools.

Credit Terminals from IPS

Enhance your customers’ experience while accepting credit, signature debit and PIN debit with one countertop device. Our credit card machines do not need any special network arrangements, they will use your existing internet connection to avoid wasting time and add value to your business and your customers, with an automatic dial backup failover feature to keep your lines moving.

There is a heavy technology involved while processing credit cards and it is wise to choose the right POS solution to confirm that transactions are handled fleetly, securely and accurately. IPS works continuously with all its clients to assist them in choosing the right credit card machines and credit card process software system that best meet their specific needs.

Choosing the right credit card machine or a terminal for your business will help you reduce the costs of processes and increase your profits.

The software used in credit card processing is a cost-efficient, effective solution for many businesses, including traditional retail and online operations. Installed on a PC, IPS’ processing software gets the job done securely without the actual need for an additional costly interference of hardware.

Reasons why IPS’ POS processing solutions are the right choice for businesses that are looking for secure, efficient card authorization at the POS (Point of Sale):

1. Authorize any debit, credit cards instantly

2. Choose from a range of POS software systems and processing equipment that will fit your needs

3. Increase security with PCI-Compliant processing solutions.

Authorizing transactions with efficiency at the point of sale is important to make sure that your business maintains a gradual cash flow and a secure network. A POS system includes a credit card module engineered into your computing system, rather than a stand-alone terminal. IPS POS systems permit merchants to determine whether a cardholder is an authorized user with enough credit — just moments after swiping the card.

Securing your clients’ credit card data or and business’ sensitive data is crucial to reducing the risk of credit card fraud and protecting your business. IPS' credit card POS payment processing solutions comply with highest security standards, increasing your business’s reliability as a secure, accountable merchant. Keep your business and your customers safe with IPS.