Information, Analytics & Reporting

Information, Analytics and Reporting solutions from IPS will help you curate transaction data into unique and systematic insights that will charge you for better business decisions.

The ways in which your customers purchase products and services evolve daily and you need refined reporting tools to keep pace. Accessing up-to-date transaction information is crucial in order to manage your business effectively.

At IPS, our international payments experience provides distinctive marketplace insights which allow us to develop the innovative and comprehensive solutions merchants need to leverage more value from every transaction.

Reporting Solutions from IPS provides a Comprehensive, easy-to use coverage suite. From merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation online portal and dashboard, we provide a full spectrum of reporting and business management solutions.

With IPS’ tools to handle your sensitive data, you can:

1. Get anytime Access:An innovative suite of online tools permits strong access to payments metrics dashboards and elaborated querying from the web, providing access nearly anywhere and anytime.

2. Curate Centralized Information: Centralized and consolidated interface will help you run your business more expeditiously with one-stop access to process activity, popular applications and helpful resources.

3. Simplify data at your Fingertips:Enjoy an at-a-glance read of your process information and easy-to-use options to conveniently manage your account.

4. Manage your data with Flexibility:A large variety of user-defined options, multiple reporting packages and also the ability to transfer data provide the flexibility to fulfil your needs.

5. Handle Communications:Grasp what’s happening with your business transactions through email alerts announcing key deposit, dispute and reconciliation events.

Our information, analytics and reporting solutions empower you to utilize payment information and analytics to manage and grow your business. The latest technologies from IPS offer you own payments information to assist you establish sales trends and seize opportunities for growth.

Join our huge network of merchants to get the secure payments data, intelligence and analytics abilities that give the insights you need to achieve your fullest.

You can soar the new boundaries with IPS tools

While monitoring your sales performance compared to your local competition.

Staying updated on your last day’s funding activities without getting help from customer care.

Reviewing daily sales and deposit information.

Avoid unnecessary chargeback losses due to missed deadlines.

Easily access transaction details for every bank deposit.

Reconcile daily against your business checking account.

Our online tools will help you every day every hour. Many customers find IPS’ reporting systems very easy to use, thus, saving time and making their jobs faster.,