Marketing Solutions

Advanced Marketing solutions at IPS are designed in a way to help merchants optimize revenue from every new or existing customers with the use of customer favoured relevant offers and promotions marketed via channels.

IPS' Advanced marketing Solutions help merchants optimize revenue from both new and existing customers through the utilization of relevant offers and promotions marketed via channels supported customers’ preferences.

Choose over ancient marketing

Yesterday’s marketing approach relied on “one-to-many” static messaging. Today’s customers expect significant, personalized incentives and offer through channels they use, like online, social media and mobile. IPS takes you on the far side with Advanced Marketing Solutions, a set of simple to use products to help merchants acquire, retain, and generate more loyal customers by investing the power of your marketing and brand strategy with IPS’ technology, experience, and reliability.

Advantages of IPS

Advanced Marketing Solutions is a versatile set of marketing products designed to help you effectively target customers. Our Advanced Marketing Solutions are helping our customers target and reach the right customers at the correct channel and keep them coming back; streamline operations related to executing promoting programs as well as seamless redemption and settlement; measure performance for brand new insights to customer behavior and to further optimize the return on your marketing investments.

IPS has a stunning history of delivering novel marketing solutions, starting from the industry-leading third-party gift card program which meets the needs of today’s digital clients and mobile promotional gifting, integrated couponing and offers. All of our marketing solutions are backed by IPS' established security, location integration and sturdy reporting and analytics.

Our offerings

1. Gift Cards

2. Distributing physical gift cards in stores, at your website, via gift card malls, and via social media marketing

3. Distribution of virtual gift cards via email marketing, at your website, via social media marketing and Mobile app or SMS

4. Incentive or reward cards, activated by the customer upon providing valuable data to the merchant.

5. Virtual promotional coupon codes that get integrated into your campaigns via emails, online ads, mobile campaigns, website promotions etc.

6. Loyalty programs

7. Rewards fulfillment

8. Other customized offers, rewards, coupons, and incentive redemption programs.

Each day around the world, IPS is making payment transactions quick, secure and simple for merchants, financial establishments, and their customers. We leverage our unparalleled marketing portfolio and experience in online and offline marketing to deliver processing solutions that drive client revenue and profitability.