Merchant Mobile Commerce Solutions

IPS provides simple and reliable mobile solutions for your business. They help you meet the growing demand of the mobile and social media revolution by giving choice, convenience, and security to customers who wish to connect to your business using their mobile device.

Accepting credit cards anytime and anyplace is undoubtedly important for your business, then you don’t need anything else but just think about mobile credit card processing and settle for payments on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile payment acceptance solutions from IPS use a card reader and app-equipped mobile device to give merchants the pliability to accept payments on-the-go.

Mobile Payment Solutions

IPS is one of the best providers of mobile payment solutions with secure and quick interface to help drive ROI and allow your customers to conveniently pay using their mobile devices.

Tech-savvy customers are invariably attempting to maximise the capabilities of their advanced mobile devices for everyday tasks, together with payments, which might be made more convenient. Smartphones will do everything from credit and debit card-based mobile payments to loyalty programs and coupons. With the help of our trusted Service Management solution, you can turn an NFC-enabled mobile device into a secure wallet seamlessly.

IPS additionally provides mobile POS solutions which may help you meet the growing demand of the mobile and social media revolution. Using our mobile commerce solutions will definitely assist you to get new and fresh tech-savvy customers, who are using their mobile devices for secure transactions. Some of the key points of our solutions are:

1. Mobile credit card processing

2. Solutions that easily integrate mobile wallet applications

3. An optional cloud-based mobile payment solution which is secure and affordable

4. A loyalty cards bonus system that will help you build new, targeted and effective initiatives

Mobile Engagement Solutions

IPS helps industry-leading petroleum and quick-service restaurant businesses interact with their customers more intelligently. With our mobile engagement solutions, these clients can avail payment choices, personalize offers, and acknowledge loyalty throughout client transactions across any device: online, mobile, or in the near future—in vehicles.

Consumers expect a profitable digital experience once they start researching, shopping, and conducting daily commercial transactions. IPS' Universal Commerce solution helps enterprise clients engage with their customers in all kinds of ways - and across devices.

Delivering a personal transaction with tailored offers and ease of payment–together with trusted security–provides reduced friction to purchase and increased customer loyalty as a reward.