Prepaid Solutions

An ultimate suite of prepaid solutions will help you soar high and reach your goals. From building a strong sales force to lowering costs for payroll administration, choose the best-prepaid program that actually delivers.

If you are looking for reliable prepaid solutions, IPS is the best fit for you, a leading provider of prepaid cards solutions.

Prepaid Card Solutions were created to shut the gap between our customers and international payment systems. Whether shopping on your phone or traveling abroad, we tend to allow you to make secure purchases on the world’s most trustworthy networks. Despite a large experience, we stay a flexible company that listens to our customers and quickly adapts to their desires. Our processing and banking partnerships allow us to deliver these projects in deadlines. You just work for your money, and we provide you the various ways to spend it the way you wish with one of our secure international payment solutions.

IPS offers your business a prepaid program designed to maximize value, savings, and growth. With plenty of experience in prepaid solutions, our prepaid solutions are extremely recognized within the business for innovation and excellence.

Companies are becoming dynamic the way they are doing business. They need to eliminate the hardcore processes and overhead while increasing convenience, flexibility, and security - and profit. IPS' Business prepaid Solutions are a natural fit for firms of all sizes seeking to enhance profitability by streamlining payment processes and serving to cut back prices.

From SMEs to massive firms and public sector firms, there's an IPS prepaid solution designed to satisfy your payment needs quickly and with efficiency.

Why IPS Prepaid?

For those who want to start out a business in or distribute prepaid cards, IPS has developed a variety of prepaid solutions to help you gain access to the prepaid market. Several of those solutions supply 'ready-made' solutions for streamlined market entry, as well as the chance to customize solutions to fulfil specific business desires.

Advantages of IPS’ Prepaid Solutions

1. Virtual Cards

Take control of your business purchases and income. Create, top-up or delete multiple virtual paid cards through one company account.

2. Global & Instant

Make instant payments to overcome deadlines. Backed by the facility of MasterCard and accepted in over 90 countries worldwide.

3.Simple & Reliable

User-friendly interface. Get over with the administrative processes and put control back in your hands for better peace of mind.

4.Competitive costs

Keep more of the money you earn in your pocket—say goodbye to bank fees. No interest charges, over limit fees, minimum quantity restrictions and late repayment fees.