Security & Fraud Solutions

No matter what your business, lately payment fraud is an issue. Therefore, how do you retain legitimate sales while preventing fraudulent transactions? Using proven fraud prevention methods will help save both your reputation and your bottom line.

The thoroughly tested and proven Security and Fraud Prevention technologies easily get integrated with your payment process, providing better visibility that help in getting refined fraud patterns. Advanced capabilities include proxy piercing and geolocation, which can pinpoint a transaction's origin in real time, and dynamic order linking, which can analyse orders for fraudulent characteristics.

IPS is one of the leading providers of risk management solutions. These solutions will help you limit losses, despite increasing and emerging fraud threats. Leave the trends behind and effectively manage your risks of frauds with IPS’ fully customizable security and fraud solutions.

IPS knows better the payment card industry compliance mandates well. We offer the best risk and compliance management solutions.

What can you actually get from these solutions?

1. Protection from credit and payment risks

Our one-to-one approach to reducing risks of credit and payments are designed to help you balance the risk and maximize the customer acquisition and retention. You can easily assess and manage your risk, together with maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

2. Manage frauds easily

Our fraud management solutions will provide you with customized methodologies which are proven to limit your losses. Use our solutions to manage frauds and navigate the overall fraud lifecycle right from prevention to detection to resolution.

3. Collection & Recovery

IPS improves your overall efficiency, minimizes risks and lowers the costs throughout the collections lifecycle. We have the best in class data mixed with predictive analytics. This helps you to redefine and restructure efficiently your collection recovery services.

4. Integrated token solutions

Be ready to supply any form of contactless transaction with more convenience, security and payment choices. IPS Integrated Token Services brings safety and security to mobile, online and point-of-sale transactions. As tokenization becomes more and more common in payments, initial data provides the solutions you need to supply your customers the convenience and security they require.

All our advanced fraud monitoring tools will assist you and your customers minimize the risk and lower the fraud loss ratio. We can also help you control risks at various levels with advanced analytic tools.

Together with fraud management and other security services, we have a solution for data security too. These tools will help you with industry compliance and lower or even remove the losses that result from securing sensitive data.