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IPS offers a myriad of merchant services designed for distinctive businesses in competitive markets. simply search for your merchant type or solution to see how we meet your precise needs — in spite of how simple or complex.

Mobile Business on The Go

With the strong advancements in mobile technology, customers are liberated to shop online and make payments directly via their mobile wallet apps. Mobile card processing is currently more accessible, convenient and secure. With IPS’ breakthrough mobile merchant platform solution and secure card processors, merchants will settle for major cards from their smartphone or tabs. This platform can improve customer and increase sales wherever your business takes you.


Our sturdy eCommerce solutions allow you to supply customers with an advanced shopping experience online. IPS provides everything you need to line up an online store and expand your business globally with numerous solutions for payments, security of data and mobile-ready checkouts.

Food & Drink

Your customers expect quality service and a good experience at your restaurant or a food joint right till they pay for your product and service. whether you are giving a fast pay at counter service or complete pay at table service, using IPS’ payment solutions for food & beverages industry are creating a new mobile dining experience which is quick, reliable and versatile. These solutions are an exact fit for restaurants, coffee shops, bars or food joints.


the retail surroundings have reached well on the far side the traditional infra-based operation that was the norm for many years. IPS has kept up with the time by providing a full suite of card payment systems, products, and services that facilitate in increasing the revenue, enhancing your bottom line and serving to you be one of the competitors in the marketplace.


No matter what services you are giving, IPS have the proper payment solution on customized and specific needs of your chosen field. Different industries have fully different requests and requirements, even when it involves cashless payments. to satisfy every aspect of those specific challenges, IPS has developed a large range of exclusive industry-specific solutions.

Other Businesses

Together with common business solutions, at IPS we also offer our services that have special necessities that need to be bespoken according to their needs. but that does not issue here at IPS because we are always open to providing customized solutions for your businesses.