With secure and efficient eCommerce card processing and payment solutions, we are helping merchants accept cards online with secure eCommerce payment gateways and services that create electronic payments safe, quick and easy to accept payments.

Our robust eCommerce solutions allow you to offer customers with an advanced shopping experience online. IPS provides everything you need to set up an online store and expand your business globally with various solutions for payments, security of data and mobile-ready checkouts.

At IPS we strive to maintain the main goal to make eCommerce easy and fast for businesses to get online and sell to more customers. Whether your customers are within your eyesight or at the opposite corner of the globe, the need for fast, safe and flexible payment methods stays universal. Our payment solutions have set the quality for simple and sleek implementation and integration, 24X7 uptime and process speed, anti-fraud solution and payment card business compliance standards. Whether you are only online or a merchant with a proper infra, IPS will help you create the best payment experience for your eCommerce customers.

Increase efficiency with IPS’ fully equipped online payment service solutions.

1. Get access to up to date innovative technology.

2. Increase online sales by accepting various cards and online payments on your website directly.

3. Choose from a variety of shopping carts and eCommerce platforms into which, IPS gets easily integrated for fast and secure transactions.

4. Comply with various level standards to protect your online data.

5. Discover the perfect eCommerce solution for your business that will complete your needs and easily expand your global reach with a seamless, familiar and interactive online shopping experience.

6. Learn more about your online visitors for your online store with insights that will help you add value to your business.

7. Rely on faster and uninterrupted online payment services with our high processing speeds and top notch infrastructure.

Here is a limelight on how eCommerce payment processing works:

1. Your customers put their card details for making payments on your website’s online form or terminal.

2. The card information is processed through IPS’ secure and fast payment gateway. Customer card details are validated for security reasons and availability of funds.

3. After a successful payment, the transaction details result back to you and your customers.

4. The issuing bank sends back the funds to your bank which are then deposited into your business account which is a final settlement.