Food & Drink

Your customers expect quality service and a great experience at your restaurant or a food joint right until they pay for your product and service. Whether you are offering a quick pay at counter service or complete pay at table service, using IPS’ payment solutions for food & beverages industry are creating a new mobile dining experience which is fast, reliable and flexible. These solutions are an exact fit for restaurants, coffee shops, bars or food joints.

Advanced pay at table experience

With IPS’ specialized functionality, your staff can now operate efficiently while your guests relax and enjoy full service at their table.

With our solutions, you can:

1.Enhanced management of bills enables quick recall of all current open bills.

2. Classified bills at terminal enhance services and eventually saves time.

3. Split bills capability allows your customers easily share the bills of their meals.

4. The latest web-based solutions which get integrated into mobile devices for service anytime anywhere.

5. In-app payment solutions support the up to date digital customer experience.

Quick service

Our variety of flexible deployment options are designed to meet the exact needs of high volume food & beverages outlets.

  • Fully integrated interface for a fast, efficient and accurate service.
  • A variety of leading brand contactless enabled terminals.
  • Offline capabilities with flexible configurations allow for continuous trading in the case of network failure.
  • Fully scalable.

Flexible Design

We take an agile approach to every installation to make sure the simplest fit possible to satisfy the needs of your evolving payments strategy.

1. Integration into all industry leading systems for seamless transactions.

2. Choice of leading brands’ terminal hardware all certified to up to date PCI data security standards.

3. Wired [email protected] solutions and wireless [email protected] solutions with versatile deployment & communication strategies.

4. Closed loop & loyalty card acceptance simply integrated.

5. Online solutions for pre-orders and deliveries.

6. Self-service kiosk solutions.

7. Ability to support multi-site, multi-channel with variable front end through one central interface.

8. Standardized international infrastructure all processed through our state of the art IPS technology

Financial management

As an independent payment service provider, we have a tendency to work with several acquirers permitting you the pliability to match services and secure best process rates. we keep you trading when connection to central systems is quickly lost thereby ensuring business continuity and permit you to track, manage and reconcile transactions according to your business hierarchy.

Offline commerce capabilities keep you running business whenever communication links are lost.

Connections to >50 acquirers with the ability to alter or use multiple payment processors. Central or local reporting and reconciliation for multiple sites accessible anyplace through our internet based tool.