Mobile Business on the Go

With IPS’ mobile business solutions for Android and iOS, you can accept payments anywhere and truly improve the use and cost efficiency easily.

With mobile business on the go for small businesses, you can:

1. Enjoy easy and secure mobile payment processing for all major cards and transactions.

2. Implement our encrypted card readers to keep the sensitive card and payment data from your device.

3. Always stay connected, accept card payments and ultimately increase sales no matter where your business is taking you. Just fly high.


Take payments from your customer at their place of business or just on the go, our mobile applications are the suitable payment solution for you.

With these apps and various solutions, you can:

1. Stay in your customers’ environment

Stay flexible and allow your customers to pay for your good or services with any method, at their business location whenever the payment is due.

2. Manage your inventory with ease

When an item is sold or delivered, you can get your payments done immediately and your inventory will be updated easily, it doesn’t matter how many devices you are having or where they are being used.

3. Accept various payments

Accept practically any form of payment anytime and anywhere, credit or debit contact and contactless payments and send receipts via email with in-depth details.

4. Protect your business

With our secure and encrypted network, you can keep your and customers’ information and data safe.

5. Offer discounts

Offer discounts for your customers at various levels.

6. Access anytime, anywhere

Focus on your business with our cloud-based software, where you can access your information from any device no matter where you are. Easily keep track of your business transactions by any type whether it can be in cash, cheque or various cards.

With the robust advancements in mobile technology, consumers are free to shop online and make payments directly via their mobile wallet apps. Mobile card processing is now more accessible, convenient and secure. With IPS’ breakthrough mobile merchant platform solution and secure card processors, merchants can accept major cards from their smartphone or tabs. This platform will improve customer and increase sales wherever your business takes you.

It all happens in a bit whether you are hosting a trade show or attending the off-site event, you will never have to reject another sale. Unless you have a smart device, a connection and our solution integrated into your system.

The best part is, the simple setup works easily and straightforward way.