Today, the retail environment has reached well beyond the traditional infra-based operation that was the norm for decades. IPS has kept pace by providing a full suite of credit card payment systems, products, and services that help increase the revenue, enhancing your bottom line and helping you be one of the competitors in the marketplace.

They include:

1. Acceptance of major cards

2. A comprehensive point of sale with a debit card with PIN processing

3. Electronic Benefits Transfer

4. Gift Cards

5. Loyalty bonus cards

6. Mobile processing


POS terminals are the backbone of card-present card processing within the retail atmosphere. IPS offers a range of fully-equipped, PCI-compliant terminals that create fast work of authorization, management, and settlement of transactions.

Everything required to process a credit card or signature debit card transaction will be found in a countertop POS terminal, as well as a card reader, phone or web connection to the processor and a receipt printer. Together with keypad, you’re ready to process debit cards with PIN and EBT cards.

Mobile & Wireless Options

Storefront merchants who consider countertop credit card terminals with dial-up or IP connectivity can notice that TSYS offers a full vary of technologically current options to fulfill all their processing needs.

As merchants diversify their operations, they are more and more embracing new wireless and mobile processing technology. Both of them are an ideal solution for merchants who do business in locations where phone lines and internet connections are unreliable or non-existent.

Mobile and wireless credit card machines free you up to accept credit card payments where you are doing business

Online options

Whether you operate out of a storefront or online, our sturdy electronic payment gateway will handle your processing needs. Our payment gateway will process all retail transactions of all major credit cards through its virtual terminal and through a custom integration using internet services. Its IP-enabled POS system offers an end-to-end answer that’s economical and reliable.

The benefits of our payment gateway embrace shorter lines and quicker checkouts that are certain to keep your customers satisfied. Merchants appreciate a reduction in operational costs through the elimination of multiple dedicated physical phone lines and a consolidation of service costs for broadband.

The payment gateway is unceasingly monitored for performance, and real-time online reporting is available by merely logging into a secure website portal and getting into your password. Our expendable systems across geographic boundaries and optional dial-up backup capabilities facilitate to ensure that you just can keep processing even if your internet service fails.