No matter what services you are offering, IPS has the perfect payment solution on customized and specific requirements of your chosen field.

Different industries have completely different requests and necessities, even when it involves cashless payments. to satisfy every aspect of those specific challenges, IPS has developed a large range of exclusive industry-specific solutions. We have taken innumerable factors into thought, from acceptance of your customers' preferred cards to various processing services and specialized payment terminals. All of IPS’ service industry solutions are characterized by superb responsibility and maximum flexibility. They feature a variety of customer-focused value-added services and can be simply integrated into existing payment infrastructures and back-office systems.

Some of the service industries where we have expertise in providing the ultimate solutions for:


You make certain that your native and international guests are well taken care of. and we ensure that cashless payments are a breeze in your cafe, bar or restaurant. How? With reliable card acceptance, stationary and mobile payment terminals, seamless integration in your infrastructure, as well as value added services like dynamic currency conversion and the automatic processing of tips.


In your hotel, guest house or bed & breakfast, the main focus should air your guests – not the processing of payments. Our hotel industry solution provides a spread of quick and simple payment choices, from card payments (including dynamic currency conversion on request) to long-distance payments via telephone, fax, email, as well as electronic and mobile commerce.

Fuel Stations

When your customers pull into a fuel station, they don’t need to lose any time. At IPS, we understand this, that is why we created a special trade answer for fuel stations and their associated retailers. With the international acceptance of all standard credit, debit and fuel cards. With an oversized selection of excellent payment terminals for indoor and outdoor use. And it’s all utterly integrated into your existing infrastructure.


If you sell services (access to telephone, internet or transmission services) and products (mobile phones, telephones, tablets, etc.), you need to offer your customers a range of payment choices. IPS provides you with precisely the kind of multichannel solutions you would like in your line of work – further a large range of customer-friendly value-added services.

Health & Beauty

When it involves fitness, wellness, and cosmetics, client well-being is clearly your primary concern. With our industry solution, you can rest assured that your customers will still be feeling great after they’ve settled their bills. we provide 100 percent card acceptance and value-added services like dynamic currency conversion and the automatic processing of tips, all of that makes payments straightforward and stress-free.